Is located at 134 Km from Medellin. Its name reflects the exact expression of Spanish conquerers when they discovered the outstanding landscape filled with streams and white yarumos: “This is a garden!” 


As you get to the main plaza you will encounter beautiful coloured houses with flowers and the Inmaculada Concepcion Cathedral with its gothic architecture and in general a lovely inviting place for locals and foreigners. 


If you are an explorer you can’t miss going to the Cristo Rey viewing point, El esplendor waterfall, Salto del Angel and Los Guacharos Cave. 

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2.Villa de Leyva

Getting to villa de Leyva is travelling in time. The colonial architecture of the place with its stoned plaza, paramo and semi deserted landscapes surrounding you is everything you would imagine from a movie. 


If you pay close attention and dig a bit for history you will find muisca influence (like in sacred place, Infiernito) the indigenous tribe that occupied the Boyaca territory hundreds os years before the Spanish influence. 


Nowadays Villa de Leyva is known as the ideal place if you are looking for history, art, culture and science. Some of the big events taking place very year are the astronomy festival in February,Wind & Kite Festival in August, Food Festival in October and Independent International Cinema Festival in November. 

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In Guane Language means “rest”. Thats what you can expect from this charming little town with whitewashed walls and red - tiled roofs and bohemian feel; This is the place you come to after a long day to read your book or spend time with friends, have a beer while enjoying the sunset. 


Barichara  is synonym of wellness, architecture, stone carved monuments, and art studios where  the artists transform natural materials from the area like stone, mud, fique or cotton.


Is location 30 min drive from San Gil, the adventure capital of Colombia where perfect for white water rafting, paragliding, caving, repelling, mountain biking and trekking all day and come back to the silence and harmony of the beautiful Barichara for the evening, giving you the best of both worlds. 

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Hidden in the outstanding andean mountain of the Coffee Region, this dazzling town located 35 Km from Pereira is full of life, paisa tradition and lots of coffee everywhere. 


Its proximity to the Cocora Valley is one of the main attractives, you can get there by hoping in one of the jeeps in the main plaza that will take you to the the start of the walk where you can admire the famous wax palms, lots of birds and insects and if you are lucky even the andean condor (national symbol that represents Spirituality and power in many andean cultures)


In Salento you can expect a friendly environment ,lots of like minded people to share your trip with, hikes, mountain biking, bird watching and the true coffee culture spread in every single aspect of the local lifestyle with landscapes that include in a good day volcanos and snowcapped tops. 

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5.San Rafael


This hidden gem was stablished by miners from neighbouring towns looking for gold. It was founded in 1864 but was made official as a municipio in 1871 


Its locations is privileged due to the lots of water sources that bring life to the entire ecosystem, this is such a big part of San Rafael that the biggest festival in the town is the river festival celebrated every January, where visitants can enjoy streams and “charcos” with pristine water. Some os the most frequently visited places are: El bizcocho, El arenal and Guatape 


San Rafael is part of many rural areas that have been affected by violence in the past and has history in every corner and face of people that at some point have suffered loses by the hand of guerrillas but is also a place that’s been liberated and is flourish into a chapter of peace and joy, and tourism presents itself as one of the reason its being possible, exploring its potential and and opening its doors to new visitors 

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