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Who We Are

We are a family business based in Pereira, Colombia. Two generations joint together to reshape the concept of traveling around Latinamerica; our parents have the experience and efficiency that’s given by a life dedicated to tourism and us, the younger generation add the enthusiasm and new insights of living abroad and learning different culture patterns.


For each one of us traveling has a deeper meaning than just stepping foot in a different territory, is about exploring new places that take our sleep away and sharing with the people who everyday build them, is understanding that happiness is in the present and doing things that sometimes seem impossible are actually at reach and that each person who decide to travel has a very personal and unique motivation that we must discover to give people not just the standard trip but great memories they will carry for their entire life.

What We Provide 

Colombia provides all a traveler needs. Beaches, mountains, adventure, relaxation. At JM Travel we try to incorporate all of

these into our tours to ensure each client gets the maximum from their trip.


Our area of expertise is based around group handling and private tours where adventure and comfort find the perfect balance. We pride ourselves on creating unique trips around Colombia and utilizing all of the suppliers that we have strong relationships with to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.


We don't just provide trips to Colombia. We have connections throughout South and Central American countries that give us constant first-hand insights on travel destinations that allow us to create unique tours all over.

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